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The Long-Life Sol-PaverTM Light is a Guide- or Deco-Light at Night in Dark Outdoor Pavements or Walls, in Private and Public Areas.

  • Long Life: Nominally* Up to 10 Years & Maintenance Free

The bySol-Lite Long-Life Sol-PaverTM Light is Designed to be NO MAINTENANCE EVER OVER THE LONG LIFE of 10+ Years by Achieving Optimum Balance of ALL Product Component Life Cycles. ...[More]

  • Rugged Design Suitable for Dark-Road, -Walk, -Path and -Wall Use

The Hardened Surface on Top is Scratch and Impact Resistant, and Embedded into the top of the Solid, Polymer-Cemented Block. This also gives the Solid Block Long-Life Sol-PaverTM Light a Very High Load Bearing Capacity for Over 10t Vehicles, when installed in Slow/Low Traffic, Road Pavements, and of course in any Pedestrian and Bicycle Walk or Path. (See also Table 2 below)

  • And the Long-Life Sol-PaverTM Light Automatically Turns On/Off at Dusk/Dawn - EVERY DAY FOR UP TO 10 YEARS!

  • Easy to Install and Maintenance Free for the Whole 10+ Years Expected Long Life

  • Low Cost Materials = Environment Friendly

30 to 40% of Total Volume, and < 20% of Total Weight are Low Cost Filler Materials which is Environment & Cost Saving. The Void Around the Solar Module in the Center is Solidly Filled with Recycled Filler Plastic Chips, which are Cemented in a Weather & UV Resistant Polymer. ...[More]

  • Environmentally, Friendly Disposal After the Solar Brick Dies:

The 1/2 structural brick can be Left in Pavement or can be Replaced by a New Long-Life Sol-PaverTM Light and the old 1/2 brick used in new construction.

  • Batteries vs. Super (Battery) Capacitors: Facts & Estimates

All Daylight, Sunny or Cloudy, is Converted to Electricity by Solar Cells that can Last for 2+ Decades. The daylight electricity is charged to 3 Super (Battery) Capacitors with a Storage total of 100mAh. They nominally have >10,000 Charge-Discharge Cycles, at 1 cycle per day, this would be 10k days or up to 27 Years Functional Life Expectancy.

Table 1 - Super (Battery) Capacitors vs Chemical Batteries: Recharge Life, Storage Capacity and Cost/ 1Ah:

**Nominal estimate by manufacturers.

  • Cost & Replacement Savings

The Higher Initial Cost per 1 Wh Power Storage of the Over 25 Year Functional Life of Super (Battery) Capacitors and the Solar Generator System is Recovered Many Times Over by these Savings: ...[More]

  • Specifications

Table 2 - Daily Weather & Full Sun Hours to Nightly Light Hours

(Download Long-Life Sol-PaverTM Light Brochure for More Details)

  • Warranty

We Can Guarantee Our Proven Quality Products ONLY If They Are Marked With Our Trade Mark Logo Like The Water Mark Logo On A Dollar Bill.

This Product is Guaranteed by Two (2) Years Limited Warranty.
(See Full Warranty Statement for More Details)

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