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bySol-Lite Manufacturing Ltd. Offers a Wide Range of High Quality, Long Life Thin Solar Energy Panels and Products for Industrial and Consumer Markets, including EVs and HEVs.

We have Specialized in the Solar Products Design & Manufacturing since 1989, and Have Been Developing and Refining Our Proprietary Thin Solar Panel Manufacturing Technology For Over 20 Years. We can Custom Design and Make Mini Panels (from 0.01 to 100Wp), Medium Panels (from 100 to 200Wp), and Max Panels (more than 200-500Wp) for Different Product-Solarizing Applications.

Whether You Are: - a Manufacturer Looking For the Perfect Panels to Solarize Your Electronic/ Electrical Products, - a Marketer or Designer Who Needs Support on Solar Powered Creations/ Concepts, or a Vendor Who is Interested in Solar Consumer Products, bySol-Lite has a Solar Energy Solution For You!

Thin Sol-Cryst-FLATTM Mini-, Max-Panels

We Custom Design and Manufacture Long Life Thin Sol-Cryst-FLATTM Panels & Control Electronics for Your Battery or DC Operated Electrical/ Electronic Products. Our Special UV and Weather Resistant Encapsulation Materials offer Exceptionally Long Life, which Increases the Panel Lifetime to Over 10 Years.

Thin Sol-Cryst-FLEXTM Max-, Mini-Panel Systems

The Long Life Thin Sol-Cryst-FLEXTM Panel Systems are Flexible and Bendable, and can be Fitted to Moderately Curved Surfaces, such as on EVs and HEVs (Electric Vehicles) Roofs and Hoods, and Other Smaller Products. This Unique NEW Technology Overcomes the Disadvantages of Conventional Solar Panels that are Bulky, Rigid and Heavy.

bySol-LiteTM Solar Consumer Products

We also Develop, Manufacture and Market a Wide Range of Innovative Long Life Solar Consumer Products for a Variety of Applications. Our Products Include Long Life Portable Power Packs, Battery Chargers and Emergency Power Packs, Maintenance Free Outdoor Lighting Solutions, Decorative Indoor Candle Lighting and Others.

With More than 20 Years Experience in Thin Solar Mini-Panels/ Products Development, Design & Manufacturing, and Strict Quality Control At Each Production Stage, We Will Continuously Innovate and Provide the Highest Quality, Long Life Solar Products and Solutions For Our Customers.

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