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Why Should You Use bySol-Lite LONG LIFE SOLAR PRODUCTS 

  • Long Life

bySol-Lite Solar Panels/ Products are Designed to be Durable and Long Lasting by Achieving Optimum Balance of All Product Component Life Cycles. Solar Crystalline CELLS can Last For Over 25 Years, with Near Full Output. And we use Sun and Weatherproof Encapsulation Materials which are Proven for Good Resilience to UV and Severe Weather Exposure.

But a Solar Panel/ Product's Lifetime is Determined by the Individual Life Times of All its Encapsulation Materials and Components: IF A CRITICAL PART (WITHIN THE WARRANTY) FAILS AFTER 5 MONTHS OR 1 YEAR IN THE SUN, THEN THAT IS THE LIFE TIME OF THAT PANEL/ PRODUCT, AND WE WILL REPLACE IT! (See Full Warranty Statement for More Details)


To Achieve Long Life Panels/ Products, We Avoid the use of Short Life, Easily Damaged or Decaying Panel Encapsulation Materials such as Epoxy (may cloud or crack within a few months to 1 year sun/UV exposure); Silicon Rubber (too soft & dirties easily) or Glass (too heavy, breakable & not portable friendly), - To Mention a Few.

  • Customized Design

The Solar Professionals at bySol-Lite have the Know-How and Expertise to Design and Offer the Right Solar Solutions for Your Solarization Project and Fulfill Your Needs.

All Our Products are Designed with the End Customers in Mind. We Consider All Aspects of the Customer's Requirements and the Application for the Product. This Ensures that all bySol-Lite Products and Solutions are Fit for Customers' Demands.

We are Equipped with:

We are Able to Produce Large Quantities in the Shortest Possible Time with Higher Than ISO 9001 Standard Quality Control.
We Offer the Following Custom Solar Panel Services:

  • Feasibility Studies for Solarization of Products.
  • Mini- & Max- Panel Solutions for Your Products.
  • Preliminary Design of Solarization Proposals.
  • Preparation of Detailed Design Drawings and Specifications.
  • Customizing and Making Mini- & Max-Panel Samples.
  • Sample Performance Test Data.
  • Mini- & Max-Panels & Full Products Mass Production.

(If You Are Interested in bySol-Lite Custom Sized Thin Solar Panels, Please Fill In Enquiry now)

  • High Quality Production Standard

bySol-Lite Solar Panels/ Products are Backed by one of the BEST Warranties in the market. The Silicone Crystal Solar Cells (c-Si) on the Solar Panels/ Products are Sourced ONLY from Quality Proven Makers.

We, at bySol-Lite, Strive to Exceed ISO 9001 Standard Quality Control across the Workflow of All Production Phases. This is achieved by:

  • Various Solar Products/ Solutions

bySol-Lite Thin Sol-Cryst-FLATTM Mini-, Max-Panels are Thin, Light Weight and Encapsulated within a Special Transparent UV Resistant Encapsulation Material, through which, the Panels Can Perform Reliably with a Long Life Expectation of 15+ Years. They are also Custom Designed to Fit the Solar Requirements of each Electronic or Electrical Product to be Solarized.

The Newly Developed Thin Sol-Cryst-FLEXTM Max-, Mini-Panel Systems are Flexible and Bendable to Moderately Curved Surfaces, and have been Successfully Integrated onto Electrical Vehicles (EV & HEV) Roofs and other Suitable Surfaces.

With a Strong and Creative Product Development Team, we also Design and Market Our Own Brand Solar Consumer Products, such as Long-Life Sol-PaverTM Light, Sol-ChargerTM Car/ Truck Battery Charge-Upkeeper, Sol-ChargerTM Packs, and Marine Sol-ChargerTM Systems.

  • Cost & Replacement Savings In The Long Life

YOU Avoid and Save in the Long Life the Frequent Replacements for the Currently Available and Cheaper '2-3 Year Life' Solar Products in the Long Life. By using "Long Life 5-15 Year" Products which Last Up To 5 Times Longer, You can Save 3 to 5 Times the Replacement Materials and Carbon Burden COSTS.

The Long-Term Savings in Money, Energy, Carbon Emissions and the Environment, are Multiple Times the Slightly Higher Cost of Making a Long Life Product In The First Place. And it is SUPER GREEN.
(See Full Warranty Statement for More Details)

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