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  • Introduction

The Sol-ChargerTM Car/ Truck Battery Charge-Upkeeper is a light weight solar powered Battery Charge System for vehicles, and is perfect for maintaining and extending the charge of battery system on all vehicles with 'ALWAYS ON' Electronic - Electric requirements.

The Portable Battery Charge-Upkeeper is designed to Charge the Vehicle Batteries even During Long-Time Parking for weeks and months. It can be mounted Inside the Vehicle Windshield by suction cups for temporary needs.

The Permanent Battery Charge-Upkeeper is custom designed to Contour Fit Onto Any Car Roof or Sunroof, and designed to provide a 24/7 Charge Power Supply for any Electric or Carbon vehicles. The Roof Battery Charge-Upkeeper is developed and manufactured under high quality standards for industrial use. And it is super green with using the natural charging power of the sun.

  • Features of Sol-ChargerTM Car/ Truck Battery Charge-Upkeeper
  • 10W Portable Battery Charge-Upkeeper with controller for trickle charging 12V or 24V vehicle batteries.
  • The Permanent Battery Charge-Upkeeper powers the electronics and ventilation systems on all vehicles - Electric or Carbon.
  • Made with High Efficiency Silicon Crystal Solar Cells, which provide High Power Density Output on Smaller Footprint Panels.
  • The special sun and weather-proof encapsulation materials (without glass) are proven for good resilience to UV exposure, which increases the panel lifetime to 10-15+ years.
  • Robust structure: the Portable Battery Charge-Upkeeper is made with aluminum-plastic sandwich (APS) substrate and all Nylon screws and bolts for suction cups.
  • The Portable Battery Charge-Upkeeper is equipped with an Integrated Charge Controller for preventing over-charging and also for battery voltage testing:

  • Specifications (Table 1)

  • Benefits
  • The Portable Battery Charge-Upkeeper keeps the vehicle batteries near full during long-time parking and keeps its electronics powered, which allows an easy engine start up after leaving your vehicles for a long period or prevents electronic systems damage.
  • The extra solar power from the Permanent Battery Charge-Upkeeper can also power the integrated ventilation system to provide a flow of air to cool the interior temperature, and the lower temperature enables the air conditioning to work more effectively and thus reduce fuel consumption.
  • Extend the battery life by maintaining the battery's state of recharge constantly, and protect the environment by reducing the number of prematurely discarded batteries.
  • Even if the weather is overcast or dull, the Battery Charge-Upkeeper is sized to still provide a continued trickle charge to maintain the battery charge requirements.
  • Maintenance free, easy to use and great for either portable or permanent use.
  • Portable theft safe through inside vehicle windshield installation.
  • Quick electric connection to vehicles with various types of cable sets as needed for Portable Battery Charge-Upkeeper.

  • Warranty

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