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Solar Technology Bulletins 

  • Solar Thin Panels vs Large Solar Modules

    Solar power technology is expanding rapidly and providing various ways to integrate solar energy into different applications. In general, there are two distinctly different application targets for solar powered devices:

    (1) For Large Scale Systems, both Grid-Connected and Stand Alone (currently 90%+ of all solar devices production) versus.
    (2) For Relatively Small to Large Size Systems for Low Voltage Consumer/ Industrial Outdoor Devices. ...[More]

  • Solar Crystalline Thin & Flexible Panels vs Solar Thin-film Flexible Panels

    In order to overcome the disadvantages of Thin Film Panels' Low Power Density and shorter life cycle, bySol-Lite has Successfully Developed and Produced a new type of "Thin, High Power Density and Long Life Solar Crystalline Flexible Panel". These new technology Solar Flexible Panels are as Thin and Lightweight as Thin Film Panels, but using the Highest Available Efficiency Crystalline Solar Cells (currently up to 23% or higher). ...[More]

  • Flat Panel System Layout & Assembly

    bySol-Lite's Thin Sol-Cryst-FLATTM Panels are custom designed to "solarize" battery or DC operated outdoor electronic/ electrical products in different applications, such as battery or direct device charging in communications, outdoor lighting, security and electric vehicles etc.

    Currently the max power output we can make per panel size is 100Wp. For large Wp system needs, you can string multiple same sized Thin-FLAT panels in series and/ or parallel to get larger power. ...[More]

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